Join Chad and Alex as they embark expedition around the world to interview professionals with “Green” Dream Jobs.
Their First Journey is a U.S. Tour! 

“Follow Your Green” is an engaging web series that allows you to discover your ultimate green dream job!  Alexandra Bunker and Chad Teal- two recent college grads, travel the globe to vividly document the emerging green workplace by exploring those real-life careers and jobs that truly rely on sustaining and preserving our earth.  Their U.S. Tour begins this Summer. 

Alex and Chad come equipped with a sense of adventure as well as an earth-wise appreciation for the sort of jobs that are in true ecological balance with our planet. Whether you are starting college, beginning a new career, looking to redefine a current position, or keen on supporting a green economy, this show will graphically examine the "green dream" job market for you.

"Follow Your Green" documents their journey as they examine first-hand the many colorful ways in which caring humans have learned to make meaningful connections with our earth. Climb to the top of windmills with renewable energy engineers, brew great tasting beer with some of the top organic brewmasters, help guides as they teach and lead an eco-tour, and shadow a progressive architect testing the practicalities of his sustainably designed building. 

The vignettes come alive with an unscripted freshness that takes these two on a road trip around the United States -visiting New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and many places in between.  They will be circling the United States for 3 months-

Traditional media, from National Geographic to Fortune, have already stressed the finite limits of our global resources, and how poorly planned, short-term exploitation will soon deplete essential recourses, like fresh water and fossil fuels. "Follow Your Green" both celebrates a vibrant earth-based economy, as well as provides an intimate glimpse at how we can have fun and earn a living while preserving and sustaining our natural world.

"I have many friends who don’t just want a paycheck---they want a real sense of purpose in their lives," says Alex, who studied abroad in Italy and traveled widely in Europe when in college.  While the ethic of treading lightly on our earth is not a new one, it has become increasingly urgent as we more fully acknowledge the limitations of our nature-bases resources.

While “Follow Your Green” is themed to real-world sustainability, it’s also aimed at the sustainability of the human spirit. After all, philosopher Joseph Campbell has urged us each to “follow your bliss”, to do the sort of things that make us truly happy. If we do so, we are far more likely to be successful in our choices of jobs and careers---regardless of where we live in the world.  And, if we are better informed about the many practical ways in which we can care for our earth, we are far more likely to make rewarding choices about careers and investments.